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- R,   May 2014
Thanks for a great party! It was a fun way to celebrate my birthday. The girls were very accommodating and friendly, pizza was yummy. Your staff excellent as usual.

I never had such a blast all in one night! Yesterday's was one of the best parties that I have been to in the past several months within the Philly-NYC-NJ area. You did a wonderful job at picking the right girls. I loved my sessions with Christina, Sarah, Jessica, Marley, and Abbe - all really hot and fun girls. And there were several more with whom I would have loved to session, time flew too fast... Look forward to the next one!


J,   May 2014
John, Saturday's party was awesome! And I had a great time. I did a session with porn star Adelyn Ames. I was the first person to do a foot session with her and she really enjoyed herself. Adelyn wants to attend more parties. The 7:30 starting time was great and I had some great sessions within three and a half hours............Keep Up The Good Work! 
Darryl,   January 2011
Hey John!

  You guys hit another one out of the park on the 20th, unbelievable. The food was top shelf and the girls were fantastic, great atmosphere, and as always the professional level that we have become accustomed to. Thanks to you, Sean and all involved for another grand slam!

Sean G,  January 2011
Great time at the Party! Friendly atmosphere and friendly girls! I will definitelyy have to make it there for as long as you have them. I especially enjoyed Jessica's company. I hope she makes the next party I attend.  
- G,   JULY 2010
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